About Us

Beautiful People is located in Tampa, Florida directly across from. University Mall. We are proud to have served you for the past 20 years. Come and be transformed into a Total Beauty by our team of qualified beauty professionals. 

At Beautiful People, total beauty care is not limited to hairstyles, relaxers, hair coloring, weaves, haircuts, false eyelashes, manicures, pedicures, and facials. It also includes literature on proper diet, skin care, and all around fitness and beauty. The moment you walk in, you will begin to experience a soothing and relaxing environment.

The most significant desire at Beautiful People is to provide each customer with personalized quality service that is time and cost-effective, and that consistently achieves customer satisfaction. We at Beautiful People believe that if we offer products and services designed to address all your beauty needs, both intrinsic and esthetic, as well as educational materials, only then can we expect your loyalty. Contact our beauty salon today to make an appointment for total beauty!

We specialize in healthy hair care for all textures. Natural Black Haircare... knots, locs, 2strand flat twist, braids ... Black Hair Salon... relaxers, haircuts, Colorist.... color, highlights, weaves and more. Multicultural ...haircuts, blow dry, roller sets, flat irons, updos and much more!



Hair Care